Here is a little bit of info that will hopefully help answer some of the questions you may have. You can always email us if you don't find the answer here.

What is the difference between your dyes and other companies dyes?

The simple answer to this is there is no difference except for one company may offer colours we don't. Dyes are dyes. There are not many dye manufacturers out there. Our dyes are all OVER 93% pure (some much higher). We just try to offer ours for the best price possible, with ongoing sales, as we know how expensive making bath and body products is. 

Are your micas soap stable?

All of the micas we carry have been tested in cold process soap and are stable. We used a basic recipe of olive oil, coconut oil, and refined shae butter - so a very white batter. If your batter is more yellow or brown your colour results may differ from the photos on our website. 



Guild Discount

We are a proud member of the Handmade Bath and Body Guild in Canada. If you are a member of this guild you are entitled to 10% off your order. Only one coupon code can be used per order so this can not be combined with any other sale codes. 

Sale codes are not retroacrive

Coupon codes are not retroactive and price adjustments can not be issued to orders placed prior to the start of any promotion.

Are your colourants and fragrances tested on or made from animals?

No. All of our colourants and fragrances are vegan and none of our products are tested on animals. 

Usage rates for bath bomb colourants

Usage rates are there to keep our customers and your customers safe. However this does not mean you have to use how much or how little we suggest. You do need to keep the amount under 3% though. The measurements we provide are a suggestion, and are what work for our recipe, and may not work for yours. You may need to use more or less. That will be up to you to decide through trial and error. 

Turnaround time

We are a small operation but are growing quickly and are getting busier by the day. We most often get things out next day, but it can take longer and depends on different factors like if there has been a sale or a holiday. If there has been a sale or a holiday it will take longer for your package to ship. We appreciate your patience. You can email and ask turnaround time if you need to know before you order. 

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

If you do not pay for shipping with tracking we can not say for sure. For Canadians, when it is not a busy time of the year for Canada Post, regular packages will often arrive in just a week. They can however take up to 2 weeks. For US customers your package will take longer due to having to go through customs. Most often US packages arrive between 2-3 weeks. Everywhere else is around 2 weeks. 

Canadians using bath bomb colourants

All of our colourants are approved by Health Canada and safe to use in your products. When registering your recipe with Health Canada or labeling your products the CI number is what you use as your INCI. 

Americans using bath bomb colourants

We have many batch certified dyes and Lakes to choose from. 

Coupon Codes

Our website only allows one coupon code per order.

Refunds and Returns

Due to the nature of what we sell and what their intended use is we can not accept returns, exchanges, or issue refunds. All sales are final.

Weight of bags of colour

The weight of each bag may fluctuate a bit but the total bag of colour should never be under what it is advertised at. We always aim for it to weigh more than it is advertised at.