Alien Tears (Fluorescent Yellow)

Alien Tears (Fluorescent Yellow)

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Alien Tears is an insanely vibrant water soluble dye that will turn the water an intense fluorescent yellow. This dye can be used to colour bath bombs, bubble bars, and bath salts. 

**In dry product it will be a light orange until put in water then it turns fluorescent yellow.

*Always wear gloves when handling dye even in package.

 * Always test your product before you sell.



  • Usage rate: 0.1 - 3%  most often 1/8 tsp is enough
  • This colourant can be added directly into dry ingredients but this dye works best and is most vibrant when it is mixed with a small amount of water/witch hazel/rubbing alcohol/glycerin/wet ingredients prior to adding to dry ingredients. Mix well to avoid streaks or dots. We like to spray the dye with with 5 sprays of 50% rubbing alcohol in a plastic cup and stir well to dissolve the dye fully before adding to my mix. 
  • ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES when handling as it is a dye and will stain your skin and other objects when not diluted.
  • This dye when used diluted in water, in a bathtub, will not stain the bathtub or the bather's skin. If your bathtub is lacking enamel or is porous, use with caution.  
  • This dye is very concentrated so a little goes a very long way. The colour when in powder form may look different from actual colour.
  • CI 45350
  • This colour is not batch certified